Cub Cadet RZT 50 Problems and Quick Fixes

Cub Cadet RZT 50 Problems

Mowing is one of the activities that help to keep the grass down and make the compound look neat. You can do it during your free time or hire someone to do it on your behalf.

If you choose to do it yourself, you need a reliable and efficient mower. Cub cadet is one of the mowers that is popular with homeowners. It is efficient and will help to keep grass low.

But like other mowers, there are cub cadet rzt 50 problems you will need to grapple with when you choose the tractor for mowing tasks.

Luckily, you can fix some of the problems yourself even though a few issues may need the attention of an expert.

Here are some of the problems you will likely encounter and their solutions.

Cub Cadet RZT 50 Problems

  • Starting problems
  • Safety interlock system
  • Starting position
  • Fuel problem
  • Battery issue
  • Transmission issue
  • PTO switch issue
  • Uneven cutting
  • Engine problem
  • cub cadet rzt 50 weak left side
  • cub cadet rzt 50 blades will not engage
  • Cub cadet zero turn mower problems

Although there are many problems Cub Cadet RZT 50 faces, the most prevalent ones include transmission, PTO switch and engine problems.

Also, the mower faces uneven cutting problems, battery issues, fuel problems and starting issues among others.

Problem #1 Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Steering Problems

Cub Cadet steering problem is notorious when it comes to zero turn mowers. You will often encounter difficulties in steering the tractor in a particular direction.

It happens when the steering wheel gets stiff, and thus, moving it left, or right becomes difficult. The causes of the problem are many and varied.

However, a few of them include insufficient fluid and damaged steering gear and rack. Too much internal temperature and debris could damage the rack and gear.

While insufficient pressure from the machine’s power steering pump may stiffen the steering.  Also, when the inner bashings are damaged it makes it difficult to steer the mower.


  • Lubricate the shafts and check the worn-out parts or brushing.
  • Ensure the steering arms and the shaft are connected and there is no obstacle to prevent them from turning.
  • Replace worn-out bushing or wheels attached to the axle and steering arms.
  • Ensure the wheel is centered, lubricate the steering, and change worn-out parts.
  • Check and repair the steering linkage if damaged.
  • If the tire pressure is low, inflate.

Problem #2 Safety Interlock System

The work of the safety interlock system is to stop the tractor from starting if in an unsecure position. Thus, the tractor will halt if you don’t activate the parking brake.


  • Pull the right and left hand levers into the neutral position to activate the system. Turn off or disengage the PTO and activate the parking brakes.

Problem #3 Starting Problem

The tractor may not start if the gas level is high or old and gummy. An old, dirty spark plug could also prevent the tractor engine from starting. In addition, if your oil is too old, the tractor will not start.


  • Ensure the fuel level is sufficient to reach the carburetor even when the tractor is on the slop.
  • If the gasoline is 30 days old, remove it and replace it with a new one.

Problem #4 Fuel

An empty gasoline tank or old fuel could make it difficult for your Cub cadet rzt 50 to start. Even if it has some fuel, it will only start if it can deliver enough fuel to the ignition.

So if the tractor is on a slope and exhibiting the problem, pushing it to a flat area may make it start.


  • Drain the old fuel.
  • Refill the tank.

Problem #5 Battery Issue

Your Cub Cadet RZT 50 will not start if the battery is dead. Similarly, if the battery loses its capacity to hold and maintain the required voltage, the mower will not start.

In some cases, lose battery connection could make it difficult for the mower to start.


  • Replace the battery
  • Check the battery terminals and tighten them

Problem #6 Cub Cadet Rzt 50 Transmission Problems

Cub cadet rzt 50 will often experience transmission problems. This could happen if you use the transmission on the left side of the mower. If the transmission stops working, it is kaput.

Also, it could happen when warming the mower. The fluid boils up, resulting in hydraulic pressure loss and hence transmission problems.

The mower may experience transmission problems when the pump or engines fail due to galling or misalignment.


  • Check and ensure the fluid level is ok if not, topping it up may solve the problem.
  • Check the transmission filter and air cleaner paper element. If it is clogged, clean and replace it.
  • Consider replacing the transmission if none of these interventions work.

Prroblem #7 Cub Cadet Rzt 50 PTO Problems

PTO issues are many. However, the most common ones are PTO clutch issues or PTO not engaging problem.

Cub cadet zero turn rzt 50 PTO will not engage -when the PTO stops working; it becomes difficult for the mower deck to engage.

As a result, the blades will not spin. Also, if the PTO is not engaged, or the PTO belt is lose, the blades will not spin.

Cub cadet zero turn has PTO clutched issues- makes it difficult for the mower to transfer power from the motor to the blades.

The electric solenoid may be bad, or the clutch could be won out. Also, excessive heat could make the clutch to malfunction.


  • Turn the PTO switch on
  • Replace damaged belt
  • Replace the clutch if it is damaged
  • Replace the switch if damaged

Problem #8 Uneven Cutting

At some point, the mower may start cutting grass unevenly. This is a serious problem you may want to sort out before it gets out of hand.

An unsharpened blade or inflated tires could cause uneven grass mowing. Also, the problem could be caused by high grass.


  • Move the side deck and ensure they are on the same level.
  • Change or sharpen the blades if they are blunt.
  • Inflate the tires to 14 PSI for the front and 10 PSI for the rear tires.
  • If the grass is too tall and the mower comes with mulching kit,  set the blades to the highest position.

Problem #9 Engine Problem

The cub cadet rzt 50 engine may refuse to start because the choke is inactive or there are debris in the engine’s cooling fins.

It may also refuse to start if the fuel tank is empty or blocked  fuel system and blocked fuel line.

Likewise, if the spark plug is wrong, or the throttle lever is not set correctly, the engine may experience starting issues.


  • Top the fuel tank up if the gas is low. If the existing fuel is more than 30 days old, replace the fuel.
  • Replace the old spark plug if it is worn out.
  • Set the throttle once again and ensure the choke control is in off position.
  • Remove debris from engine’s cooling fins.

Problem #10 Cub cadet rzt 50 weak left side

When the hydraulic fluid level drops, the cadet rzt 50 will be weak. A dipstick will tell you whether it needs topping up or not.

Also, you may try to drive forward on an uphill and reverse back. If you fill the effect in both directions, the left hydraulic motor bypass could be open.


  • Top up the hydraulic fluid.
  • Look for the bolt that sticks out in the hydraulic motor and tighten it.
  • If this does not solve the problem, then you may see a dealer to check the hydraulic valve, motor, or the hoses.

Problem # 11 Cub Cadet Rzt 50 Blades Will Not Engage

The Power Take Off allows you to disconnect the engine from the blade. When you energize the solenoid, the clutch engages the belt which in turn rotates the blade mover.

So when the PTO does not get the power because the solenoid is worn-out, the blades will not engage. Unfortunately, you may not be able to repair a defective clutch.


  • If the switch is faulty or defective and is not supplying power, use a multimeter to test the switch for continuity. If it is faulty, you may need to replace it.
  • Replace the clutch.

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers Troubleshooting

Having a functional mower is a great thing if you plan to keep your grass in a tip-top condition. The mower keeps your lawn down, making the compound look great.

Thus, troubleshooting your cub cadet zero-turn mowers could help identify problems and look for appropriate solutions. It helps to keep the mower in good shape.

Thus to troubleshoot the machine, do the following:

  • Check the oil level and ensure it is complete.
  • Clean the fuel system and replace the air filter.
  • Clean the spark plug and consider replacing it if it is worn out.

Table Showing Problems, Causes and Solutions

Engine stallingDirt OilReplace oil
Starting difficultyDirt or worn-out spark plugClean or replace it
Steering problemDamaged gear and ragsReplace the gears and rags
Safety Interlock systemDeactivated parking brakesPull the right and left hand levers into neutral positions
Fuel problemInsufficient or stale fuelDrain and refill the tank
Battery issueBattery is dead, poor connectionBuy a new battery or tighten connections
Transmission problemHydraulic pressure loss or misalignmentTop up the fluid/ replace the transmission system
PTO problemPTO not engaged/ PTO clutch issueReplace the belts/clutch
Uneven cuttingUnsharpened blades/deflated tiresSharpen the blades/Inflate the tires
Weak left sideDrop in hydraulic fluidTop up hydraulic fluid
Blades will not engageWorn-out solenoid/ worn-out clutchReplace solenoid/clutch


What year did the Cub Cadet RZT 50 come out?

Cub carded was established in 1960 to deal in heavy-duty small tractors. In 1981, it made a cub cadet powered by a seven and eight-hp Kohler engine. The company introduced tougher and narrow frame models in 1971. In 1974 it introduced the quiet line series, while the Cyclops series was introduced in 1982. The company started manufacturing Cub Cadet RTZ 50 in 2006.

How much does a Cub Cadet RZT 50 weigh?

Cub Cadet RZT 50 has a wheelbase of 43.5 inches, with the front tire measuring 13×5.0-6 while the rear tire is 18 x 9.5 -8. The mower weighs 527 lbs or 239 kg.

What transmission does Cub Cadet use?

Cub Cadet uses a hydrostatic transmission system. The system is filled with fluid during manufacturing and sealed. This means that you cannot change the fluid. However, you can change the filters every 100 hours of mowing.


Mowing your compound and keeping the grass short is one of the strategies homeowners use to increase the value of their homes.

But to keep the grass low and neat, you need an efficient and easy-to-use mowing machine. Cub Cadet RZT 50 is one of the tractors for the mowing task.

The machine is fitted with a 50KW Kawasaki engine that makes mowing enjoyable. However, it comes with cub cadet rzt 50 problems you will need to learn to solve to enjoy using the mower.