7 Common John Deere La145 Problems And Their Fixes

John Deere La145 Problems

John Deere has several tractors to choose from if you want to trim and keep your lawn neat. Unfortunately, most mowing tractors have issues that could discourage you from owning one.

But since you must keep the lawn in tip-top condition, the troubles should not kill your desire to own a mower.

The good news is that, unlike other brands, John Deere problems are manageable and will not give you sleepless nights.

So, let’s look at the 7 most common John Deere La145 Problems and their Fixes.

John Deere La145 Problems

1. John Deere la145 engine doesn’t start

After many months of keeping your lawn well-trimmed and neat, John Deere la145 will start developing problems.

One of the problems you will need to find a solution to is that the engine may occasionally refuse to start.

The mower will not be able to roar to life, so it may not be able to cut grass. Of course, there are good reasons why the mower engine may refuse to start.

Firstly, the gas or fuel may be inadequate or the gas cap could be leaking. But if the engine starts and stalls, it indicates a faulty injector or fuel tank.

Also, if the mower has been idle for a long time, a rusty fuel line or fuel filter may cause the problem.


  • Always refill the gas before it becomes empty, and maintain some gas level to reduce cranking problems.
  • If the engine stalls without warning, or shows signs of dying, check the fuel tank and consider replacing the injector.
  • Reduced engine execution levels may also make it difficult to start the engine if the fuel lines are old and fuel filters are clogged. If this is the case, consider replacing the air filter and fuel lines.

2. Transmission heats up

When the transmission gets too hot, John Deere LA145 will stop working. This may happen when the idler pulley melts.

Also, the transmission could heat up if the transmission seal or gasket is damaged. In some cases, it may heat up due to cracked transmission cases or drive shaft leakage.


  • If the pulley has melted, the option you have is to replace it.
  • If the seals and gaskets are damaged, you may have to replace them with new ones.
  • For cracked transmission cases and drive shaft leakage, installing new ones could solve the problem.

3. Mower engine runs rough

The carburetor is an essential component of the engine. So, when clogged, it affects the performance of the mower.

In most cases, it makes the engine run rough. Similarly, if the spark plug gap is too wide, it can make the engine run rough.

Other issues that may make the engine run rough include dirty air and fuel filters. Also, using gas with more than 10% ethanol is likely to make the engine run rough.

Dirty cooling fins or damaged electrical connections could make the engine run rough. Also, defective ignition settings and throttle cables could make the engine rough.


  • Proper maintenance- engine maintenance is vital and could eliminate minor problems and make the engine run rough. For instance, if you can clean the cooling fins regularly, it ensures the engine runs smoothly. Also, restoring damaged electrical connections will ensure the engine runs well.
  • Cleaning components- Cleaning air filters or replacing them will ensure that your lawn mower is always in good condition. Dirty filters restrict the flow of gasoline, reducing the machine’s efficiency.
  • Buy the right gasoline -improper fuel-grade gas containing more than 10 % ethanol may cause engine problems. So always buy your fuel from a fuel pump that sells ethanol-free gas. Always insist on pure gas whenever you visit a gasoline station.
  • Unfortunately, despite taking all the precautions to ensure your engine runs smoothly, it may still run rough. Therefore, consider taking it to an engine repair shop for servicing and maintenance.

4. Fuel delivery problems

After some time, you may discover that the engine does not receive enough fuel. This may be due to a clogged carburetor or leakages in the fuel lines.

Furthermore, damaged fuel lines could easily create a mess in the fuel tank and interfere with fuel flow.

Also, if the engine’s choke does not open fully and the carburetor is not adjusted properly, it may result in fuel delivery issues.


  • Check the throttle cable and repair it.
  • If the carburetor is not adjusted, check the float and adjust it accordingly.

5. Engine consumes too much fuel and oil

A new mower will give you excellent service for many months. But after some time, the mower will consume more fuel.

The high fuel consumption could be a result of insufficient throttle opening. Again, it could result from improper carburetor adjustment or an effective and loose spark plug.

Other causes of high fuel consumption include burned or worn-out valves and faulty parts.

Specifically, parts like pistons, rings, and sleeves may wear out and lead to high fuel consumption.

Also, if the engine is fitted with the wrong valve clearance, it could lead to high fuel consumption.

Similarly, if you notice that the mower consumes too much oil, it could be a result of damaged seals and gaskets.

Other causes may include worn-out valve stems and valve guides, and defective pistons. Also, engine oil consumption increases if the horse breather pipe is plugged.


  • You may reduce fuel consumption by doing the following
  • Adjusting or replacing the throttle cable
  • Adjusting the main carburetor jet
  • Replacing or tightening the sparkplug
  • Cleaning and replacing all worn-out valves
  • Checking and replacing all faulty parts
  • Adjusting the valve clearance as per the specifications of the engine

6: The battery does not charge

One of the john deere la145 issues you will learn to deal with is a battery that does not charge. The causes of the problem are many and varied. They range from faulty battery to poor contacts.

In some cases, a faulty alternator may cause the battery not to charge.


  • Check the wiring system – when wires slip off the terminals or the charging system, it causes them not to charge. Luckily, tightening the wires will solve the problem.
  • Replace the cell – if the battery has served you for a while, likely, the cells may be faulty. So replacing them will enable the battery to start charging again.
  • Poor contacts – if the contacts between the cable and the battery pole are loose, the battery may not charge. However, cleaning or changing the cables will allow the battery to start charging again.
  • Check the alternator – if it does not perpetrate power to the battery, it will not charge. This could happen if the alternator is faulty. In this case, you may need to repair or replace the alternator.

7. John Deere la145 carburetor problems

Do you know where the carburetor is located on a lawn mower? According to most forum software, the carburetor is one of the components where most problems emanate.

If the carburetor is dirty, it will cause the engine to have multiple issues. The carburetor will not allow fuel to flow to the combustion chamber when clogged. It makes it difficult for the engine to run.


Clean the carburetor – a dirty carburetor does not supply sufficient fuel to the engine. So removing the dirt and cleaning the carburetor will solve the problem.


Is John Deere LA145 a good mower?

La145 John Deere is a good tractor for regular mowing tasks. Its Stratton 40 engine with 22.0 HP capabilities makes it a top consideration if looking for a tractor that will cut the grass evenly. Unfortunately, it comes with troubles common among mowing tractors. Even so, its numerous mechanical advantages rank it first among equals.

What are the main John Deere LA145 problems?

Reasons why John Deere mower won’t start range from the engine refusing to start to the transmission heating up. Besides, the tractors could develop carburetor problems, or the battery could refuse to charge. Also, the mower’s fuel and oil consumption will likely shoot after months of usage. Fortunately, you can solve these problems by yourself,  either as a discussion starter or by joining forums recommended communities join.

What engine does a John Deere LA145 have?

John Deere LA145 is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton engine. This is an air-cooled engine with 655 ccs 40 ci displacement capacity. The Briggs & Stratton engine is a 2-cylinder, air-cooled engine with 22hp output that runs on gasoline but features a 12-volt starter.


Indeed, John Deere LA145 is a good lawn tractor fitted with G3 high lift lawn mower blades. The US-produced tractor is a decade old and is yet to disappoint gardeners.

Its exceptional performance is attributed to the powerful Stratton 40 engine with 22.0 HP capabilities.

Thus, it is one of the best belt-driven tractors with manual steering and lawn/turf customized tires. The steering and the tires allow the tractor to perform unlimited mowing tasks.

So, it is one of the options to go for if you can find a forum community dedicated to helping users fix the john deere la145 issues.