Kubota Lawn Mower Reviews

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When you are about to invest your life savings in a lawn mower, it is only prudent that you carry out a tonne of research. You ask everyone you know and search on Amazon, YouTube and Home Depot, and maybe even Wikipedia, just for good measure.

In your search, you will hear a lot about many companies, but one company you won’t hear a lot about is Kubota. This kind of discretion makes you wonder if the brand is any good.

Actually, Kubota is one of the best lawn mower brands in the world! So, what makes it so good? We answer this question as we look at Kubota lawn mower reviews and also dive into the different lawn mowers they make and our top recommendation in each category.

What is Kubota, and What do they Make?

Kubota is a Japanese company founded in Osaka in 1890. The company began as a foundry, making castings for waterworks and other daily commodities, but it quickly evolved.

Over the next fifty years, the company would move into making engines for agricultural products and eventually making their own farm tools.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that Kubota got into the industry they would become world-famous for construction equipment. Skip a couple of decades, and Kubota made the decision to enter the US tractor market by establishing an office in Grapevine, Texas.

This strategic move made it easier to reach a global audience and also helped fuel further innovation, including their foray into lawnmowers. Fast forward half a century later, and Kubota has continued to create a revolutionary farm and lawn care equipment.

What Makes Kubota Lawn Mowers Unique?

Unlike companies like John Deere, Kubota didn’t start off as an agricultural-products manufacturer. The benefit of its unconventional journey is that Kubota has been able to tap into its other areas of expertise to create truly remarkable lawnmowers.

Some of what sets them apart are:

  1. Eco-first production – Kubota has won numerous awards for its commitment to making products while putting the environment first. So, while they are yet to debut an electric mower, they try to minimize their carbon footprint during production.
  2. Quality builds – Kubota’s history as a foundry has enabled it to make solid lawnmowers. For example, they use steel hoods and fenders on their riding tractors instead of plastic like some competitors, including the aforementioned John Deere.
  3. Wide range – Unlike other companies, Kubota makes every type of lawnmower, from pushmowers to stand-on mowers. They also offer a robust selection of zero-turn mowers and garden tractors.

Why isn’t Kubota More Popular?

Despite their exceptional lawnmowers, Kubota isn’t more popular for two reasons:

  1. Kubota only sells through authorized dealers. You won’t find Kubota lawnmowers in Home Depot, Lowes, or on Amazon. While this strategy ensures quality control and excellent customer service, it limits availability.
  2. Price – the price of being eco-conscious is higher production costs. Besides this, Kubota uses quality materials built to last for decades, so their lawnmowers tend to be on the premium side. Nevertheless, if you want a reliable lawnmower, it’s worth the extra.

Different Types of Kubota Lawn Mowers

Kubota offers an impressive lineup of commercial-grade mowers, including:

  1. Walk-behind mowers – Kubota makes 21-inch deck mowers for residential use that offer a 2-in-1 bag and mulch function. The deck is made from die-cast aluminum, making it strong, durable, and rust-proof.
  1. Commercial walk-behind mowers – if you prefer the ease of use of push mowers but have a very large lawn, you’re in luck. Choose from a 36, 48, or 52-inch deck to clear lawns from ¾ acre to 3 acres, with a five-hour runtime. This is one area where Kubota easily outdoes the competition.
  1. Zero-turn mowers – You can tell this company really loves riding mowers because this is where they leave the competition bewildered. You can choose from almost 30 Kubota zero-turn mowers! You get a 4-year warranty for their residential zero turns and premium features like cup holders, LED headlights, and full seat suspension.
  1. Lawn tractors – Kubota lawn tractors are in a world of their own. Besides amazing features like steel hoods and puncture-proof front tires, they also offer an impressive range for residential and commercial lawns. You also get to choose between gasoline and diesel engine for personal use, while farmers can opt for diesel-powered front loaders with up to an astonishing 36.9 horsepower.
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Top 3 Kubota Lawn Mower Reviews 

With so many great options, trying to limit our recommendations to just three was tough! Seeing as Kubota specializes in riding lawn mowers, we decided to pick from only this category.

1. Kubota T2290KWT-48 Lawn Tractor

This Kubota riding tractor has everything you need in a riding lawn mower. For starters, it offers exceptional cutting on any terrain and any type of grass or weeds.

It has a 48-inch deck and runs on a 21.5 horsepower Kawasaki engine. With a traveling speed of 6.7 mph, you’ll be able to mow an acre in half an hour or less.

To make your ride more comfortable, you also get cruise control, dual armrests, and even a 12V power outlet to charge your phone. Adjusting the cut height is also easy, as you get a dial instead of a lever. You also get a fabricated deck.

While this makes it slightly more expensive, it means you will enjoy using your mower for much longer than an alternative with a stamped deck.

2. Kubota Z421 Zero Turn Mower

When it comes to zero-turn mowers, you can’t go wrong with Kubota. We highlight the Z421 because this commercial mower comes with all the bells and whistles. As standard, you get a 24-horsepower gasoline, 2-cylinder hydrostatic engine. You can choose either a 54″ or 60″ mower deck.

This zero-turn mower is built for efficiency, with a top speed of 10mph and a huge tank of 6.8 gallons. The run time of 6 hours means you can cut 3-4 acres easily in one go. When it comes to comfort, the seat is made of thick cushion and can provide 6 extra inches of leg room.

The controls are also easy to reach, and you get convenient features like a cup holder, storage compartments, and a 12V power outlet.

3. Kubota Z200 series Zero Turn Mowers

We had to cheat for our last selection because choosing just one residential zero-turn mower was tricky, so we went with the entire series. These riding mowers offer similar features like a 10-gauge steel, welded mower deck, storage boxes, LED headlights, and fixed ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure).

You then get some major differences, like the size of the deck, ranging from 42″ to 54″, and engine power, from 21.5 HP to 25 HP. The Z231KW-42 has a top speed of 6.5 mph, while the others can go up to 8mph. The wide-tread rear tires also offer better traction and weight displacement.

All models come with puncture-proof front tires and a 4-year, 300-hour factory warranty. Choosing the right zero turn mower from the bunch will depend on the size of your lawn and how fast you want to go.

Other Lawn Mower Brands

Honda – Honda holds the crown for the best residential walk-behind mowers. However, even they can’t compete with Kubota’s commercial walk-behind mowers. Honda decks stop at 21” while Kubota decks go up to 52”.

Ego – Ego makes the best electric lawn mowers on the market. As a result, they are the only lawn mower maker that is in a class Kubota doesn’t yet offer.

Toro – Toro zero-turn lawn mowers offer a comfortable ride, powerful engines, and superior quality. This is a premium lawn mower company, just like Kubota, but Toro lawn mowers are more affordable.

Husqvarna – this Swedish company has been making lawn mowers almost for as long as anyone else, which is why they deliver exceptional products. Husqvarna mower has a great range of zero-turn mowers, but not as wide as their Japanese competitor.

Cub Cadet – Cub Cadet has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to their affordable riding lawn mowers. They also make easy-to-use and very attractive lawn tractors, apart from a few ignition problems reported by users. Unlike Kubota, cub Cadet lawn mowers are best for beginners.

Planning Your Next Move

With such an exceptional and unique range, it is near impossible for Kubota lawn mower reviews to cover everything they offer. What will help you narrow your search is to think about the size of your land, the terrain, and whether this will be for residential or commercial use.

By answering these three questions, you’ll soon find yourself the proud owner of a terrific Kubota lawn mower.