9 Scag Liberty Z Problems And Their Solutions

Scag Liberty Z Problems

The Scag Liberty Z is a commercially inspired machine engineered for homes and residential mowing. It is a good machine that can effectively help manage up to two acres of lawn.

The mower is a well-known brand due to its performance, affordability, and reliability. Many homeowners love the tractor’s usability and ability to keep their lawns neat.

Besides, it is cheap to maintain; hence you spend less money on maintenance. But if you are planning to buy the mower, you must beware that it has many Scag Liberty Z problems.

Some of the issues may need the attention of an expert. However, you should be able to fix most of them on your own.

Scag Liberty Z Problems and Solutions Table

1. Engine surging– Clean the air filter
– Check and clean the fuel filter to ensure fuel flows smoothly
– Check the gasket
2. Starting problem– Add additive to the fuel if the tractor has been in storage
– Charge the battery if depleted
– Check the wiring and connections for loose wires or corrosion
– Check the spark plug.  If faulty, replace it
– Replace the PTO switch if not working
3. Gas tank leaks– Check the fuel pump and fuel system to ensure no breaches
– Check fuel filters for signs of clogging
4. Broken fuel gauge– Troubleshooting may help you fix the problem
– Consider taking the gauge to a fuel specialist
5. Peeling mower deck– Work with a standard lift blade
6. Cutting grass unevenly– Check the blades. If they are dull, sharpen them
– If the mower is damaged, consider replacing the blades
– Do not cut wet grass
– Choose the suitable blades for your Scag when replacing them. 
7. Blowing dust clouds during drier weather– Buy and install a baffle accessory
– Desist from using high-lift blades and switch to low-lift blades   
8. Steering problem– Take off the bolt to loosen the steering handle
– Unscrew the handle and balance it
– Use a water scale to find a perfect balance and then tighten the screws and the bolt
9. Suddenly turning off– Check and change the engine oil If there are loose wires, fix them
– Clean the fuel filters and fuel line
– Clean the pipe to the carburettor

1. Engine Surging

Engine surging is a common problem with Scag Liberty Z. In most cases, the mower will experience the problems at a lower and normal rpm.

Typically, a tractor engine requires a specific mixture of air and fuel to operate. When the ratio is incorrect, the engine will surge.

It is challenging to attain the correct combination when filters are clogged. Similarly, a defective gasket could allow air into the fuel system, resulting in engine surges.


  • Clean the air filter
  • Check and clean the fuel filter to ensure fuel flows smoothly
  • Check the gasket

2. Starting Problem

The Scag Liberty Z is a good mower but often experiences a start-up problem. This could delay your programs and cause you unnecessary pain.

So it may be necessary to diagnose the  cause and learn how to deal with it. For instance, if the temperature is too low, the fuel mixture may not be good.

So, let the engine warm up for 5-10 minutes before you start using it. Warming it for some time allows it to operate well.

When the tractor is new, it only experiences many starting problems if it runs out of fuel. However, as the engine gets old, the problem becomes prevalent.

Consequently, you may need to troubleshoot the tractor often to identify the causes of starting issues and devise ways to solve them.

The mower may also experience difficulty in starting if the wiring or the solenoid is defective.

Also, if the PTO switch is not functional or the battery depletes fast, you experience starting problems.


  • Add additive to the fuel if the tractor has been in storage.
  • Charge the battery if depleted.
  • Check connections for loose wires or corrosion.
  • Check the spark plug. If faulty, replace it.
  • Replace the PTO switch if not working.

3. Leaking Gas Tank

A leaking gas tank can cause fire and accidents. Some Scag Liberty Z mower series experienced a regular leaking gas tank issue, forcing the factory to recall 4400 mowers.

Fortunately, the company recalled the series and rectified the issue. Presently, the problem is less prevalent.

But if you buy a second-hand mower, SZL48-22KT serial numbers K7100001- K7102353 or SZL52-24KT serial numbers K7200001-K7202020, you are likely to experience the problem.


  • Avoid buying a mower with the above serial numbers.
  • Check the fuel pump and fuel system to ensure no breaches.
  • Check fuel filters for signs of clogging leading to poor flow.

4. Broken Fuel Gauge

Scag Liberty Z has reported many instances of a broken fuel gauge. Sometimes, the indicator will show the tank has no fuel even after filling it to the brim.

In some cases, the gauge reading may not represent what is in the tank. Therefore, the problem makes it hard to track the fuel status or plan.

Usually, the fuel gauge may read incorrectly if the fuel-sending unit is defective. This component needs to measure the amount of fuel in the indicator and send the message on the fuel gauge.

Doing so keeps the operator updated on the amount of fuel in the tank. Also, it warns the mower operator when the fuel gets low to enable them to refuel.


  • Troubleshooting may help you fix the problem.
  • Consider taking the gauge to a fuel specialist.

5. Peeling Deck

After hundreds of hours of mowing, you may notice some peeling coming off the deck.

Sometimes, you may see some plastic dangling from and beneath the deck. Typically, this will happen when you work with Scag Liberty Z high-lift blade.


  • Work with the standard lift blade

6. Cutting Grass Unevenly

The Scag Liberty Z mower is meant for residential and home use. However, it is said to feature commercial-grade gear.

The gears make operators anticipate commercial-grade quality cuts. But over time, the quality deteriorates due to blade dulling, damage, or misalignment.

Other factors likely to make the mower cut grass unevenly include varying grass length and bent and unbalanced mower blades.

If the deck is improperly mounted or the spindle is bent, it is likely to make the mower mow unevenly.


  • If the quality of the cut degrades, the first thing you may need to do is to check the blades. If they are dull, ensure to sharpen them.
  • If you have been mowing a rocky area, small stones could damage the mower. So the dings are likely to affect the quality of the cut. Thus, consider replacing the blades.
  • Do not cut wet grass.
  • Choose suitable blades for your Scag when replacing them.

7. Blowing Dust Cloud During Drier Weather

The Scag Liberty Z is a fast mower, but it kicks up enough dust from the front deck when you drive it on the dry or dusty ground.

So, as you mow, you will always move through a dust cloud, reducing visibility.


  • Buy and install a baffle accessory to solve the issues.
  • Desist from using high-lift blades and switch to low-lift blades.

8. Steering Problem

Learning the tricks of steering a mower is critical if you are new to mowing. But even after mastering the art, you’ll need help to guide the mower in the right direction.

This may not be your fault, primarily if operating a Scag Liberty. It is normal for the machine’s steering to sometimes refuse to work.

You will thus feel that it is challenging to balance the steering wheel. This problem results in hardships in controlling the lawnmower and could cause an accident.

Additionally, the tire pressure could also be an issue. It is essential that you check the tire pressure regularly to avoid these problems. Here’s a guide on the best tire pressure for zero turn scag mower.

Also, if you use the mower regularly for extended periods, the steering wheels will likely become offset. It could cause issues and make it difficult to control and steer the steering in the right direction.


  • Remove the bolt and loosen the steering handle using a ratchet, a wrench, or a screwdriver. Once the handle comes off, unscrew and balance it off.
  • Tighten the bolt and screws.
  • Test if the problem recurs.

9. Sudden Turning Off

Lawnmowers that work like vehicles are likely to encounter this problem often. It happens when the engine oil is old or if there are loose wires. The mower could also turn off if it has a spark plug issue.

In other cases, turning off can occur when the fuel line is clogged and do not allow fuel to get to the engine.


  • Check and change the engine oil
  • If there are loose wires, fix them
  • Clean the fuel filters and fuel lines
  • Clean the carburetor¬†

Scag Liberty Z Mower Reviews

Undoubtedly, Scag Liberty Z is an ergonomic mower with excellent features. The mower performs superbly well compared to other mowers in its category.

It has excellent cutting capabilities and incredible motor power. Besides, it is durable. Scag Liberty is an ideal tractor for anyone with more than 2 acres of land which needs regular mowing.

Unfortunately, the tractor has reported unique problems, such as a leaking gas tank.

The problem was common in tractors SZL48-22KT with serial numbers K7100001- K7102353 and SZL52-24KT with serial numbers K7200001-K7202020.

The company recalled all affected tractors and fixed the issue. So, users claim it is a good mower they enjoy using for mowing tasks.


What are the common problems with Scag Liberty Z?

The leaking tank is the only problem exclusive to the scag lawn mower. But the mower experiences other issues common to most tractors. Some problems include engine surging, starting problems, and turning off suddenly. Others include steering problems, deck peeling, and blowing too much dust.

Is Scag Liberty Z a commercial grader?

Scag Liberty zero turn mower is a heavy-duty mower designed for mowing in tight spots. You could deploy it to mow garden beds and lawns with many trees. The tractor is a little bit smaller than the commercial mower; hence it may not be suited for commercial use. Also, it has a smaller 21-liter fuel tank with a maximum speed of 11 km/h, which makes it unsuitable for commercial mowing.

Who makes Scag engines?

Scag has three factories in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, West Bend, and Mayville that specialize in manufacturing Scag engines. The company was founded in 1983 to manufacture commercial and residential lawn mowing equipment. It pays attention to quality and has earned respect for innovations.

What is the cost of the Scag Liberty Z Mowers?

Scag Liberty Z is designed to deliver the best mowing experience for home users. The machines come in different sizes and prices according to the model. The 48″ deck mowers SZL-48H-24SR cost $5,822 while the SZL-48H-22PX cost about $5,822. Alternatively, you may consider buying the 52″ deck mower SZL-52H-24SR at the cost of $5500.


Every home has a right to stripes. Yet you can only achieve this if you use a top-of-the-line mower.

So, if you are looking for a good mowing engine, Scag Liberty Z stands out as one of the mowers to consider if you own a sizeable piece of land.

The mower features a 23 HP Kawasaki 791DFI engine, high torque wheel motors, a deck ranging from 48- 52 inches, dual hydro gear, and cooling fans.

Thus, Scag is an excellent mower. It is compact, durable, and performs superbly well compared to other brands.

However, you may only enjoy the services if you know how to handle the Scag Liberty Z problems it comes with.