9 Common Tym Tractor Problems and Solutions

Tym Tractor Problems

TYM has been doing some amazing publicity lately. They’ve partnered with all the right dealers, influencers, and YouTubers, and they are trying to make a splash in a very competitive market.

If you are looking for an alternative to John Deere and Kubota, Tong Yang Moolsan is a good place to look.

However, when you hear about TYM tractor problems, it might scare you into staying in your comfort zone.

This article will detail what those problems are and determine if it’s a turn-off or if TYM tractors are worth every penny.

9 Tym Tractor Problems

1. TYM tractor engine stalls

If you have read our other guides on tractor problems, such as the LS tractor, you will find that the most common problem with most brands is the engine not starting.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case with a TYM tractor engine. Under the hood of your TYM tractor is a powerful engine designed for heavy-duty work.

As long as you follow the starting sequence, your engine will start great. However, what a few users have mentioned is that the engine dies after they have had it running for as little as five minutes.

Before we go through the troubleshooting process, we should mention that this only happens with old tractors. Hence, you need to double-check the tractor before you purchase any used tractors.

How to troubleshoot engine issues on TYM tractors

  • Check the fuel level. Even if the gauge says it’s fine, you should open the tank just in case it has a malfunctioning fuel system or you have stale fuel. Also, remember that the fuel consumption on TYM tractors isn’t great.
  • Check the spark plugs.
  • Check the filters – both fuel and air.
  • Check the engine oil level. Ensure that the oil is neither too little nor too much.
  • Check the fuel line.
  • Check the fuses and wiring.

If you still haven’t found the cause, the problem might be with the ignition coil or the carburetor. The good thing is TYM tractors come with as much as a 6-year warranty on the drivetrain.

So, if you can’t get the engine to come back on, make that your first step after the basics.

2. Battery draining too fast

One of the more common TYM tractor problems is the battery shutting down when it’s time to engage implements.

While this complaint comes up with all lawn tractor owners, it is more prevalent for the South-Korean brand.

TYM tractors come with many electrical bells and whistles, including the electrical PTO and cruise control.

While these features are great, they could contribute to draining the battery, just as they do with regular cars.

However, we like that TYM tractors have a charge indicator light to let you know when your battery is running low. So, before you go too far, check to see if this is the issue.

After you have ruled out the need to charge the battery, check that you aren’t mistakenly leaving lighting equipment on during or after use.

You should also check the battery terminals for damaged or loose connections. If there is any corrosion, brush this off or use sandpaper.

You should also keep an eye out for how long you’ve had the battery. However, suppose you recently changed it and you suspect parasitic draw.

In that case, you can perform a test yourself or maximize your warranty.

3. Transmission problems

TYM tractors have some of the most advanced transmission systems you’ll find on a tractor.

The linked pedal allows you to shift power easily, whether going forward or in reverse, without having to touch many levers.

In spite of their best efforts, a few owners have complained that their TYM tractor has a transmission problem. The most common one is noise, and that is usually a result of wear and tear.

As you would expect from a leading brand, TYM tractors use hydrostatic transmission, which is great for lawn care but bad for much else.

So, if you use your TYM tractor for heavy lifting and other activities it wasn’t built for, the hydraulic transmission system could get weary.

When this happens, you will begin to hear a constant sound from underneath the cabin. To solve this problem, you need to trace the faulty or weary component and replace it.

Another transmission problem is insufficient power flow. The first thing you should check is the hydraulic pressure.

If you missed your maintenance milestone, drain the old transmission fluid and put in the new one. If it doesn’t seem to be working, it’s time to contact the dealer.

4. Steering wheel problems

Without a doubt, the four-wheel drive on the TYM tractor is an absolute delight! It gives you exceptional control over all work tasks, and it is very easy to engage and disengage.

This gives you more control than a traditional lawn mower. And just unlike a traditional lawn mower, you will rarely have steering problems with your TYM tractor.

When it does happen, it is rarely a big deal. A problem with the steering system will also affect the brake system, which can be quite frightening.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

How to troubleshoot steering problems on a TYM tractor

  • Check the tire pressure. Uneven tires will make steering difficult, as one tire will spin faster than the other.
  • Check the power steering fluid.
  • Check the hydraulic oil level.
  • Check if the tire treads are being weighed down by mud or clay.
  • Check the steering wheel alignment.
  • Check the steering wheel connections. If the steering wheel shaft is worn out, you’d need to replace it.

5. Drive axle problems

It is not every day a company offers free repairs. So, when it happens, you know something bad must have happened. Well, something did.

In January 2022, TYM offered this service to owners of the T1003, T903, T993, and T893 made between 2007 and 2012.

There was a problem with the axle assembly, and the company was concerned that it would cause the disc to crack, make the front wheel bend or cause the axle to break.

A few owners had also complained about transmissions issues, transmission issues and even the brake pedal failing, and these problems were due to the axle problem.

While it isn’t uncommon for a manufacturer to make a recall (just ask the automobile industry), it does make you question the reliability of the product.

In this case, TYM was responsive, and no similar problem has been reported in newer models.

It is worth mentioning that TYM merged with Branson a few years ago, and the result has been a consistent improvement in quality and dependability.

6. Poor fuel economy

There’s a lot to love about a TYM tractor, but sadly, fuel efficiency isn’t one of them. Tractors in general are diesel guzzlers, and you can easily use a full tank in a day’s work.

While the TYM tractor is not particularly bad, it isn’t in the same class as John Deere, Massey Ferguson, or New Holland.

How to improve fuel economy on a TYM tractor

  • Maintain the right tire pressure.
  • Use the right fuel for the season.
  • Gear up and throttle down (GUTD).
  • Don’t leave the tractor on idle.
  • Stay within the required weight limit.

7. Foul smell from the TYM tractor engine

Here is a bit of a stinky problem that a few TYM tractor owners have reported.

If you have been driving your tractor all day and you can’t seem to shake that foul odor from the engine, it’s possible there’s a problem with your fuel system and that you’re leaking fuel.

There is an argument that this problem isn’t unique to TYM tractors but is just more pronounced because of its cab.

How to troubleshoot a bad smell on a TYM tractor

  • Ensure you are using fresh gas that hasn’t been sitting in the tank for over a month.
  • Check the fuel lines for leaks or cracks and replace them as needed.
  • Check the fuel filter, cap, and pump.

If the problem isn’t gas-related, it could be you have engine problems. Check the oil level, oil filter, and air filter for leaks, clogs, or damage, and repair accordingly.

8. Blades not cutting properly

When you get a brand-new tractor, you expect the blades to come sharpened and ready for intense mowing.

You can imagine the shock a few owners had when the mower attachment wasn’t cutting properly.

As it turns out, some dealerships did not ensure the blades were sharp. However, this is one of the easiest problems to solve.

While you can use this opportunity to practice your sharpening skills, it is better to contact the seller to solve it.

Sure, it might seem petty, but you just spent a small fortune on a tractor, so it should be in excellent shape.

TYM tractors have dealers with excellent after-sales service, so this won’t be a problem.

9. Touchy lighting system

Finally, we have a problem you should expect with any tractor that has a lot of lights. When you have owned your TYM tractor for a few years, you will begin to experience lighting system issues.

This is not a design flaw but a consequence of electrical systems in general and their tendency to falter. When this happens, you should check the battery connections and wires.

If you have damaged terminals, broken wires, or faulty fuses, the lighting problems should cease once you replace them.

Troubleshooting TYM lighting problems isn’t always easy, which is why the company recommends you have the wires checked annually.

Tym for a New Tractor

So, with all the TYM tractor problems, is it still worth it? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” The innovation, build quality, warranty, and after-sales service are all fantastic, so you have nothing to worry about.

Nine problems might seem like a lot for one tractor, but most of these problems can be prevented if you follow TYM’s DIY recommendations.

It might cost you a few minutes every day to ensure your tractor is in working condition, but it will ensure you enjoy your machine for years to come.

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